Sundays are for confession

The view from my kitchen sink. At least doing dishes isn't so bad. It is sunny (for 20 minutes today) and the rain is pouring- as you may be able to see against the bark of the trees.

It is the perfect description for my life right now. I am so happy; and sad. Energetic; yet beat down. I am a mother... (pause)

I try to be a good woman and wife too. A good sister, aunt and daughter- friend and neighbour, cook and designer, writer and photographer, teacher (oh I suck at this one).... Arg......But these days I'm having a hard time focusing on all this. I can certainly focus on the task at hand. And sometimes that's all we can do. One thing at a time.  But I guess at times I feel like I am at my limits. I know I can't do everything and try to remind myself to breathe. The laundry can wait, as can the dishes. Go out and play! What if I died tomorrow? Is this how I'd like to spend my last day? Organizing my closet (oh no I do not!).  I would donate all my clothes. Not organize them.

I came across a blog that resonated with me; a lot. It's like hearing a best friend confide her deepest secrets.  It's well written and perfect if you're a mom.  It made me feel better. Like I'm not crazy. I know motherhood is one of the toughest and most rewarding jobs. And I experience that every day (several times). It's an exhausting roller coaster ride and not always in a good way. Yes, I said it! And these blog posts do too! It's not always rosy (though some people make it seem like everything is perfect). Why? Don't you know we'll just secretly hate you??? Read "How to be friends with supermom".

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This blog is called Coffee + Crumbs. It had me at the plus sign (which you may know I am so fond of).  The article is called "Your heart is depleted". It's a good read, along with dozens of others. It's not advice, it's kind of like my post series "Sundays are for confession". Which I am hoping, or shall I say praying no one has this series yet...

We are all human and we need to remind ourselves of that, and them maybe they'll grow up not being too hard on themselves.

Brooklyn & Ava torturing each other all day long......but they are happy here!


Original series, "Sundays are for Confession".

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