Sexy Outfit, Sexy Room- New Series!

The more I decorate and care for my home, the more I want to decorate and care for myself! Now that my closet is the size of a pea, I donated over half my clothing! Yes, half! Stuff I was not wearing, not ever going to wear, and certainly not going to pass down to my big 11 year old Charlize (like those black spiky stiletto pumps that she could fit into!)
I did steal one of her pretty cream tulle skirts (similar picture below) that she was not wearing and stashed it in my dresser. I have wanted to wear it sooo bladly but wasn't sure what to pair it with. Then I came across this photo. How stunning. It's ballerina meets rock star. Love. Then I thought of some gorgeous interiors that encompass that exact chemistry. It's the perfect balance of feminine meets masculine. It's appealing to both sexes and it's just plain damn sexy.

Okay, well I will definitely not look as slim or sexy as this probable 5'10 model; but the black turtle neck will be slimming (fingers crossed). When I do this I will take a picture. It may will be hilarious. I promise!

Get the look of the masculine meets feminine with....

Dark walls (masculine)
Soft drapery (feminine)
Leather anything (masculine)
Velvet anything (feminine)
Dark furniture (masculine)
Shiny objects (like glass or mirrors) feminine
Browns & greys (masculine)
Soft pinks, baby blues, corals (feminine)

What are your thoughts? I'd love to know the first thing that popped into your mind!


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