On being thankful- Happy Thanksgiving

One week in our new home has been relatively easy. This home may not be as big, beautiful, or expensive, as our last home, but it will be just as well-worn.  I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity to take this house project and turn it into a home that is beautiful and thoughtful, small yet super functional. A place that I am excited to walk into (yes excited!). Isn't that how it should be? House hunting was so difficult. There was not much out there. And though we looked in other surrounding areas, this city felt like home. It may have not checked all the boxes, but got close enough.
Even with all it's imperfections, and odd design choices, I love it. It's not definite. Things can be changed. I am so happy and grateful to be in this home with my family.

It's only been a week but my family is already so well adjusted here, it's ridiculous. Well, except around 8:00 and it's bedtime for Ava & Brook (ha ha ha).

With thanksgiving coming up I take a deep breathe....and just enjoy this moment. Because there are endless possibilities.  And I thank God we are okay!

In our cosy (tiny) basement!

And I am thankful for this face! Ava (and probably many 3 year olds) are natural at living in the moment and being grateful (in the moment;) She was so happy when I set down this tea cup and saucer given to her by her aunt for her baptism (or was it birth?!?) "Wow, this is beautiful" she exclaimed and I wondered why I hadn't set it out sooner. It was another special moment, one I will not soon forget because I blog. She has a pretty nasty cold here, but her good naturedness overtakes being sick. It was soooo nice staying home with her doing almost nothing early this week.  And for that too, I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

If you are wondering what dessert to serve with thanksgiving dinner...

>>  My delicious apple crumble pie. You'll have to make 2 though, it's that yummy!

And I painted my dining room black. Caviar by Benjamin Moore, to be exact. It's sick. Can't wait to share on tuesday!


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