New house; new office

Because of the lack of space I decided to share an office with Greg in his garage. Aka man cave. It really is. Poker table. Check. Leather couch. Check. Can escape 4 female bodies in the home? Check. But on a more serious note, I'm really liking it. I've worked 2 full days in there and I must say I'm looking forward to more work and more projects. I'm currently working on 9 office bathroom facelifts, and though not glamourous- it is fun! Oh AutoCad, how I love your ability to whisk me away to a land of dimensions, calculations and straight lines. It really makes time fly! Sorry, I know I sound stupid, but it feels good to work!

Because I'll be spending a lot of time here I do want the space to be neat, organized and of course, stylish. I say stylish because it sounds more masculine than pretty, or decorated. Anyway, I know it's Greg's space so it will be very manly. I even sprayed some yummy cologne before I began working this morning!

Here are a few photos of how it looks now. Mind you Greg really organized it this weekend, so within the next couple weeks I'm hoping to add some industrial/rustic edge to it. 

Greg has some photos, fishing and Canadiens paraphernalia that actually looks alright. Either way, I'll be working here (for AutoCad and print projects) and that's it. Otherwise it's his space. I just need to hide those hideous wires! I'll organize this space and work it so it is gender friendly! Stay tuned!

How sweet is this toolbox? Do we really need to put tools in there? I'll investigate it tomorrow and see if I can somehow use some of the space for fun things, like markers and rulers! I love using wine crates for pretty storage.

The leather shag from Ikea is classic. And comfy. The chair is comfortable and matches, but is so ugly. Oh well.

I'm so excited to spice up this space, because I already like working here more than my old office. So weird. I think because before I felt so far removed I just kept leaving it to go upstairs. Here I just work with no distractions (mostly). Either way I feel some big things coming on in the near future and I'm so excited!


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