Our New Home- Sundays are for Confession

I'm very excited to show you some photos of our new home but I can only do so on September 27th, our first day occupying it! But in the meanwhile I have taken a new direction with certain design elements based on existing design choices made in the home by the previous owners.

The home was built in 1989 and is a side split level. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths (one by the bedrooms and one in the basement). It is quite open and has a series of stairs leading up to the main level, then again to the bedrooms. It is small, however. We are going from 2400 square feet to 1100 (not including basement square footage).  That's less than half folks! Breathe.....breathe.....

Okay, I'm okay, now. I was honestly panicking after the inspection on Wednesday because it felt like the decision was final.  Though I had already seen the house twice before and it felt perfect, this time felt different.  Looking over Charlize's new bedroom-to-be made me sad. It's a third of the size she has now. I know my children are loved (and spoiled) but I just couldn't help it. I cried. Like a baby. And I was so excited. But I felt like someone had taken my ice-cream, and I was four years old. That. bad.

Anyway, I feel better with my decision now because I am giving my children so many other things that I could with our current home.  1. Location. I love Pincourt and all the little important things it has to offer and we are moving two streets over-so no school or bus change!  2. We will still live on the forest. Which is gorgeous. No neighbours in sight, except foxes, bunnies, and the occasional deer. So we can still cross-country ski from our backyard.  3. A good kitchen. It is cosy, cosy, cosy. The oak cabinetry could use a fresh coat of white paint though (yeh!) and a nice sized island with stools for those little butts!)

So back to the design elements...this home has some nice oak flooring, traditional looking stairs and spindles and a traditional looking oak wood kitchen.  The modern I soooo wanted to inject into my new home will be limited but noticeable. I am very excited about my idea for the gas fireplace (which is in the basement).  It has one of those typical looking big box store mantels (or should we just call them what they are- mouldings), and some awful looking tiles below. I told Greg this was my mini project and that I want to do it, myself. I hope I can! Once we are a little settled I want to do this right away, because in my head it's simple, more on that later...

The bathroom boasts original white square tiles, grey toilet and tub (could be worse) and an oddly shaped wood vanity. Thank goodness for inspiration like this above! Though I would love to renovate the bathroom right away, Rome was not built in a day, and I need to prioritize.  But, I can still paint, wallpaper and decorate, right?

All the current cabinets are closed but I may open up a few to achieve a similar look like this, which I've always wanted!!! 

And if I can't, I may simply add some pretty shelving like this above.

I am obsessed with anything blue, teal, aqua, or turquoise, like this gorgeous glass tile backsplash above.

Or I can keep the colour (more honey toned than this) and focus on some gorgeous quartz countertops and stainless appliances and handles. Easier anyway...so many choices, I will only be sure once I inspect the kitchen and really sit in it to see what jumps out at me. 

There isn't much of an entrance but I do love this idea (I've already got something like this in my hallway) to greet visitors with an easy place to hang their things when they visit. It is important to think of how you live to best design the "perfect" space for you and your family. And that is exactly what I am trying to do in 1100 square feet. I do love saying that. I hope I am successful and if I am I will know without a shadow of a doubt that I am a good designer. If I can't, I won't quit my day job, just yet...

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Maira Gall