Moving Day- First step Girls Bedrooms

We got the keys to our new home (or will in 2 hours) and now the madness to make this cosy home cosy, begins. My priority are the girls bedrooms.  Charlize really wants a purple room, as does Brooklyn. Purple, as some of you may know, is one of my least favourite colours. I love blue, and I love red, but the combo eeks me a little. Especially when it's overdosed. Just type in purple room in google and most of the rooms you see will be overdone and very ugly. BUT, I have seen some gorgeous, tasteful rooms. So this is my challenge.

The girls are going away this weekend camping with Girl Guides so I want to surprise them when they get back. This worked out perfectly! So many shades of purple! OMG

Charlize's Inspiration. For the wall colour:

I'm thinking of only painting 3/4 of the way up 3 walls. And nothing goes better with purple than pale blue! Really! Her comforter has purple, blue, white and sage green (as shown above). So thankfully I don't need to change her decor to accommodate her. I love this plum colour below as well, but it seems a little too grown up for my taste.

This is what I have more in mind for Brooklyn and Ava.  It will look very nice in contrast with Charlize's room but I'm not 100% sure. I have so many beautiful pillows that would not really go with this scheme.

To keep purple from looking too cold you neeeeeeed gold. It doesn't have to be everything but just a couple elements. It'll make a world of difference and give it an extra boost of luxury.

Even royal blue looks nice with purple! I guess purple isn't so bad!

I'll be back real soon;)
Have a nice weekend and enjoy this gorgeous weather (if you are in the Montreal area)!


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