Create a cosy nook within a room

Soon-to-be living in a smaller home, my rooms will have to double duty as other spaces as well. The dining will double duty as a homework/craft station, the playroom as my home office (sounds fun don't it?) and the living as a TV, library, entertaining room.
With the colder weather coming, I would like nothing more than to cosy up in a little warm corner of the house and curl up with a good book.  Even if the rest of the home is unfinished, at least having one sane spot will make a world of difference.

Via Remodelista
Loving this modern take on a window seat. The mix of different elements here is what makes the look work.

Source unknown
You can make the sweetest little spot from nothing! A bench and some comfy pillows, or better yet convert a closet (already cosy with doors removed) into a full blown day bed. Perfect even for an overnight guest!

Keep it dark and moody with a rich deep tone. Love this. I do not have a closet to spare in this house!


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