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Hello Friday. The weekend is here, lots to do and the kids go back to school on Tuesday. I'm excited and scared and tired, in no particular order. As usual things are happening so quickly I can't even wrap my mind around a single task. I know y'all feel me, especially you moms. It's almost a double curse being a woman and a mom, when it comes to how we women try to control and perfect every situation to an ideal outcome. C'mon admit it, even if you don't think you're a control freak, you are, lol.

Anyway, being a "housewife" (oh God) I came across these awesome hacks via House Beautiful via Good Housekeeping. (I'd sooner die than pick up a copy of that mag at the checkout aisle). But these are sooo worth checking out. Oh my gosh I'm focusing on a post and may be able to complete it today!!!

How genius is this one? I always dirty up the sides and it drives me crazy!

Also- if you need to do some back-to-school clothes shopping here's an H&M 20% off coupon for your entire kids purchase! Only until September 2nd! I was there yesterday and the jackets and skirts were adorably fashionable. Sigh. 

We are in the midst of a deal for our new home. We should know by today whether we are purchasing this home for sure or not. My mind is a whirlwind of ideas and everything I own already has a new place in this home. Insane isn't it? I've already decided on a grown up living room. But there's going to be a TV in it, that's for sure. Otherwise, who's going to use it? 

I can't wait to put together my living/dining space!!! I will be purchasing the largest rug my room can hold. It may be the only purchase though, I may have to use everything else I already have cause that's how I roll... no but seriously I am sick of these 5X7 area rugs. They're terrible. See how bigger this room above looks because it has a large rug. It makes a world of difference. This was a tip I learned from Sarah Richardson ages ago....from television, of course.

The bathroom is 95% done now. The drawers are actually in as is the window coverings and towel rack. Accessories need to be put into place and the final capping of the shower ledge too. Almost there, I can't wait to share all the details and process for those interested in maybe tackling this yourself ;)

Have an awesome weekend,


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