Our backyard dreamin'

Okay, so I'm dreaming a little. Dreaming and fantasizing about how my next backyard might be. I do enjoy hanging out there and we did less of that in this house than our last. Well, in the winter we spend tons of time playing in the back, but not so much the summer. Be it the bugs, the shitty weather, or perhaps the dis-functional design of the balcony- we are dreaming big this time 'round.  Definitely need a pool, now that the kids are older, and a great big o'l deck.

Another thing I know I want is simple landscaping. Boxwood, hydrangea trees and some tall grasses. That's it! We do want a corner vegetable garden that may take up 1/3rd of the backyard. I'd rather spend my time gardening something useful and nutritious; at the same time involving the children to plant their own stuff.  We want to make raised garden beds (from crates) and spread pea gravel in between. I wanted to do that here, but never got around to it!

Here's the backyard inspiration;

Great and inexpensive way to have extra seating for guests. Looks very modern too.

Vegetable garden, sort of like this.

Image Via Apartment Therapy

Using large scale pavers with gravel in between makes a patio larger for less money. Looks modern too.

Image Via C Magazine

I looove, this walkway in wood. Weird, I dislike wood decks but love pools and walkways surrounded in wood.

I would like a fire pit like this as well. Make one here for less than $100.

Image Via Remodelista

Image Via Sunset.com

We may have sold our house. Or did. Inspection and paperwork underway. Need to find a home now! Still looking, no worries, yet.

Have a nice weekend!


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