Old fashion bathrooms making a comeback

How many of you would dread to have your bathroom renovated like this? I'm sure you are either hating this look, or loving it. Probably not the latter.  I like it, but would never choose this design for a new bathroom. However, I would like the modern today versions, scroll down to see how to take this look from the 50's to today.

More modern options that still love the colours blue, or pink.

designed by Karen Rowe (HGTV)

I love this pink tile. It looks extra modern stacked one on top of another, which is becoming a favourite look of mine.

Tiling the same blue tile everywhere! 

This tile setting gives off a moroccan flair.  It looks amazing, and looks expensive.  What do you think?

PS- I will be posting a few pictures of the bathroom reno at my dad's house shortly. Coming together slowly but surely!


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