Fun with the kids bedroom- High in Style + Colour

Here is where design gets super fun, exciting, and colourful.  I am definitely drawn to children's rooms that are light, bright, and have some edgy fun elements to them.  My favourite design is the last one which is a design by Karen Bow for HGTV. I think I just got an idea for another post, featuring her work. Brilliant. Scroll down for rooms you probably have never seen before.

Blue + green is an amazing colour combo for boys and girls! This could even be done in a shared boys/girls room.  The plays on pattern here are so vibrant and lively.  Love the pop of colour on the ceiling as well.  There is an interesting element on every surface of this room.

Are you also wishing there was pink carpet in your girls room? Who knew it could look this good! Best room I have come across in a long time. Paired with mini pantone chairs, teal accent wall and amazing birdhouse wallpaper? My clients would call me insane. But this is what happens when you push boundaries!!!!! Be fearless my friends.

Okay, this fails in comparison. Totally. But, just wanted to show you.....I'm not even sure anymore-still hung up on that last room. Love the circle little carpets.  I had done the same thing for one of my clients years ago. They are the perfect little play-mat for tots.

Cutest, simplest little room for a little man.  Just need a little teepee in the corner.

I would love to have this pineapple recycled cotton blanket by Spearmint love for the girls' rooms. It's adorable but at $150 each I may have to sleep on it! Who knows though, I'm giving myself a $1000 budget for their shared room. But, I do need to purchase a bunk bed. And the budget hasn't been approved by the "boss" so we'll see.  Spearmint Love also has a gorgeous watermelon blanket, among other drool worthy merchandise.

Ah, the best for last. Karen Bowe's room design.  How stunning is that wallpaper?  Unfortunately I searched HGTV's site for the sourcing info, but came up empty :(  Red + Pink + Orange as a colour combination!!!! The wallpaper works really well I think thanks to its faded red quality which isn't too jarring.

Oh my gosh, I could look at kid's rooms all day!


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