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While I am away on vacation I will still be posting a couple times a week. The posts may be a little different but very summery, beachy, and fun! I'm thinking adorable beach hairstyles, what to pack for a delicious picnic, and of course how can I not dive into New England home design. I will be doing a little antique-ing as well. I looked up the spelling of antique-ing but I believe that word has been made up into an adjective. Ha!

On another note I'm trying to get more subscribers to my blog. My biggest audience so far is from Google but these are not my daily readers. Those who are, I beg you to subscribe to my posts via my newsletter box (on the right sidebar where you simply add your email address) or somewhere below that if you prefer to read through Yahoo or vibes.  I CANNOT see who is subscribing so your email remains anonymous- I do not know who's subscribing!

Bloglovin' is my personal favourite way to read my favourite blogs. It keeps track of the posts I liked and which I already read.  Since being an avid blog lover + reader I have ceased to receive magazines in my mailbox.  Let's be real though, it's also a budget thing-but I get my fill by reading over 20 different blogs and of course from Pinterest.  So it is definitely worth a look!  Subscribe here--->

Here's where I'll be spending the next two weeks, and scroll down below for an early "weekend links".

Weekend Links

1>> Olivia Munn's adorable home video tour & answers 73 questions for Vogue.

2>> 100 FREE ways to keep your kids busy this summer. Great ideas!

3>> Peppermint oil to repel mosquitoes?

4>> I want to make this summery veggie lasagna!

5>> and this scrumptious looking dessert!

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Have a great (early) weekend!!!!



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