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So, so lovely. I'm coming to realize that I'm obsessed with palm trees. Like totally obsessed.  My heart also belongs to spanish style homes. If I lived in CA I would totally own one (even though i would also covet a modern ranch).

I happened upon this blog, and, I must say I'm obsessed. Casey Leigh is gorgeous, talented and so real. She has adorable children and look at that crib! I think it's the most stunning crib I have ever seen. Had to share. Check her out at The Wiegands.

>>  101 ways to improve your relationship! #17 is so true!

>> In the market for 6 bedroom oceanfront getaway in Florida? Check out this beauty on Architectural Digest.

It must be a summer thing but aquas and greens are on my list. I will be picking up a small paint can of this colour, Northern Lights by Benjamin Moore. I have a stool in mind I'd like to repaint! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!



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