Sundays are for Confession

It's a crazy thing. Going to sleep. Almost every time I do, without fail, my mind wanders into nothingness and I get hit with these brilliant ideas. Well, okay, maybe not brilliant but original, and without any thought. I'm not thinking what lies ahead tomorrow, or what errands I need to do. Because I can't. I'm so tired but it's great because this is how these ideas originate.

I keep a paper and pencil  handy for when these thoughts occur. Sometimes I write them down, other times I tell myself I'll remember in the morning (which doesn't often happen).  Well this is the birth of a new series. I enjoy writing so much that I feel I lack in that department when I am writing a DIY, or a recipe, or anything design related. This series will consist of rambling or thoughts I want to share. It may be a struggle I am going through, or perhaps a topic I find gets overlooked. Not sure how this will play out but I know it will allow my creative writing juices to flow and I hope maybe to get some feedback from you all. It may be anonymous in the comments section below, however you feel comfortable. But please, write it on my blog (not via Facebook).  Oh my gosh, I have soooo many confessions I could seriously write 10 right now but I'll start with one (summer season)...

Confession # 1

I bought this bikini in Florida (as seen here) and not-so-secretly now, think I look good in it.  I know my tummy scrunches and slightly hangs when I bend over, and has a roundness to it even when I stretch out. My boobs, now small and lifeless- but hey, it's my mommy body.  I'm 34 and have had 3 children. I don't exercise (well occasionally) and eat whatever I want (mostly). Dam right I don't look seventeen; nor should I expect to simply because I am not. With so many people coming out and loving their bodies no matter what, we are still inundated with images of that perfect body. I have several perfect "butt workouts" on my pinterest page that I know I'll never do- a borrowed pilates book from the library that needs to be returned and workout videos that need to be sold!

All that being said I hope I haven't defeated any of you who do try to eat right and exercise but rather help you feel confident in your body no matter what size you are!

I think all this has to do with me being a little naive and carefree too;) and you know what, that's not really a bad thing is it?



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