Quintessential New England Kitchens

New England kitchens are timeless. If you had to live with a kitchen for 100 years, this would be a sure bet.  There are specific elements that make a New England kitchen, but there are always a few rule breakers.

1>>Traditional shaker cabinetry in a creamy white or robin egg's blue.

2>> Blue plates, blue light fixtures, blue elements.

3>> Slate flooring, or counters.

4>> Chrome pendant lamps such as these...

and black pendant dome lights such as these beauties...

or white ones like these too...

This is by far my favourite kitchen. It has a bit of a modern twist on New England style with its clean modern lines. I love the pale wood plank ceiling and aqua chairs.  The traditional faucet keeps it from looking too modern, perfect balance.

And lastly,

5>> Blue hydrangeas!

Via Indulgy.com
No New England home would be complete without hydrangeas! Visit BHG for great tips on caring for them.



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