NH Antique shopping- Robin's Egg

Sunday was a cool day here in NH so I figured it would be a nice day to do a little antique shopping.  I had to drive 1 hour into the western part of NH to the 101A (Nashua Street).  It's easy to get there and there are antique shops scattered all over that highway. You would need a week to do them all, I chose a couple. Robin's Egg was at the top of my list. It had many vintage pieces as well as some new affordable handmade pieces from local retailers. 

 It is set in an old huge 5000 square foot New England style home.  This was one of the many rooms.  I loved this set of 4 dining chairs and large table $399, no tax.  

I'm not sure why I didn't buy this dresser. $169. Seriously? It was so well refinished and the dresser itself was super sturdy. We totally would have enough room in the van- we actually didn't have that much luggage or bags.  It would look so pretty in my room.

This four poster canopy bed was stunning. It was sold, so I'm not sure how much they were asking. But my guess.....$299

Okay, never mind all the frou frou around the dresser. This dresser set next to a modern looking bed (or simple upholstered headboard) would look stunning. $249

Each room was set up like a little mini shop; with certain little sections from local artisans.  It was a little like treasure hunting. There were so many cute things that I picked up, but ultimately put back. I'm a very good window shopper lately.  I only wish that I did pick up that dresser...

I wish Montreal had some very affordable boutiques like this one. Anything here would easily be double. Especially that dresser!  Maybe you know of a place with affordable antiques? If so, please do tell!



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