Happy Canada Day + easy Canada day DIY

I love fringe, and Canada......and of course easy cheap crafts....

Canada Day Fringe Flag


Red streamers (cut 2, 12" pieces)
White streamer (1, 12" piece)
Straw (cut to 5.25")
String (to size)
Scissors, tape (I love double sided), pencil + paper

Step 1>> Feed string through straw and tie.
Step 2>> Line up streamers (red, white, red) fold over and tape sides together.

Step 3>> Cut fringe half way up streamers.
Step 4>> Draw a canadian flag or print a small one and trace onto piece of red streamer. Cut out + tape onto flag.


Enjoy the day off! Hopefully the weather cooperates because I'd love to see some fireworks here!!!!

Happy Canada Day,



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