Going ahead with business.

While I'm busy taking care of the kiddos I am also desperately trying to get my businesses off the ground. Bianca D'Avila Interiors, now fully running (with 2 current projects) and Wall Shop Prints. I have decided to specify the word "prints" in my printing company because it gives you a good idea of what I do and my french version must have a word that describes what I do. Also if I want to use english words like "Wall Shop" there must be a french word that accompanies it. So in french it is "Imprimerie Wall Shop". Not too bad.

So I'm working on branding my businesses, not quite to look like one another, however, but more how I envision I might see them, if I came across them on a website (and they weren't mind). If that makes any sense to you;)

Bianca D'avila Interiors I see as elegant, sophisticated, grown up version of a business. Black +gold as colours.

Something like this....I do love the bd, just not 100% sure though on the colour choice. I just keep thinking of the Bruins, yuk.  I really need to find the colour code for actual gold. I will keep searching.  Maybe my logo should be similar to Wall Shop Prints. A little more relaxed. Maybe the same logo but in a baby blue or teal colour?

The Wall Shop I see as fun, not too serious, and vintage(y).  Another logo I designed...

My idea was to place a palm in the title. Which, I love. I could see this as a header on a webpage. I'm thinking this is a winner and I should probably stop my designing here....because I could probably be at this all day...

This is what I had originally on my big cartel webpage (my ordering webpage). I have a lot of work ahead of me...

Which one do you like? I'd love to know...



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