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Early morning fog at the beach.  Cool, misty, enchanting, uplifting. 

It never ceases to amaze me the authenticity and openness of many of the bloggers I follow.  They open their hearts and homes to their readers.  I myself have been struggling as a blogger with how much or how little to share.  Generally I think "would this interest my readers" and "does it benefit them"? Does it satisfy a need or is it just for myself? Blogging, for me, is a mix.  A mix of all things I adore and am passionate about: writing, design, projects, cooking, photography, and my family.  As I try to write every day of the week, as many bloggers do, I think to myself, could I share more? Do I want to?  I am a design blogger, but I wear many hats, and I'm opinionated.  My favourite bloggers share a little more than just the design details.  If that's all I wanted to read about I could pick up a copy of House & Home -this is so much more personal, and unedited (so to speak).  It comes from the heart of one (or a few for those who are successful) but you can feel the sweat and tears and hours it sometimes take to compose a single post. I appreciate the personal elements that so many bloggers bring to their posts, and I am drawn by their candid honesty and personal reflections that I guess is why I feel my blog has a mix of this in it as well. It's like a personal design + life diary. And I love it. Pure and simple.

Much the way children embrace all  the things they love, like collecting rocks, running through the sand, and jumping on the bed, I too try to do what I want to do. And I want to do this, everyday, if possible and not because I feel like it's something I should do but rather need to do.  For myself.

I appreciate every last one of my readers as well. I am thrilled (really) when you tell me that you tune in to every one of my posts. Yah!

I'd love to know what are your favourite kinds of posts. Design oriented, DIY's, entertaining, recipes, photography, personal, etc...It could help steer my post direction as well! Thanks for reading!



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