Cliffside in California

Just found this amazing magazine online called Read Cereal. The photos are so captivating, I'm going to try to print a few for my home. Maybe I'll add a couple inspirational quotes to them.

Something like this I guess. Doesn't say where the source of this photo is from, I assume one would have to subscribe to the magazine to get all the details! So many gorgeous photos though. You could make a pretty collage from instagram.....hmmm....

Here are some more!

I want to sit on this beach and date that guy. Hahaha, it's fun to daydream sometimes and imagine a different life, until my munchkin Ava runs to me, shoves her two fingers in her mouth and starts smelling my shirt. California dreamin, on a rainy day! Hope your monday is filled with some sort of sunshine, be it the beach, a sun shining day, or your little ones!



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