Chair transformation Before + After

I had picked up a couple of chairs from Varage Sale a few weeks ago for $10 each. They were wood chairs that just needed a little love. I was planning on selling them after sprucing them up but since my mom took back her 2 leather chairs, I needed replacements for my dining room.  The girls put on their shades to help. Having kids help is a great way to build confidence and learn how to pitch in!  The little Mouse sander by Black & Decker has been a game changer for me! Easy enough for even a child!

So these were the chairs before sanding + paint + more sanding + more paint + one final sand. 

And this is how they turned out! I gave them 2 coats of BM high gloss white and finished them off with a sanding to give a more rustic vintage appeal.

It actually was just by accident that I came across this technique but I love the results!

They make a nice addition to the dining room!

 I think I need to invest in a spray paint gun, because I truthfully really hate painting furniture. I like the sanding part and the cleaning is fine, but the painting is long.  I don't really like using brushes either. Maybe I just need different size brushes for those hard to reach little nooks within the furniture. Either way, not my fave project to do but I do love the end result ;)

What small projects do you dread?



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