Beaching, surfing, sand castle making in Seabrook NH

Two weeks have gone so quickly, a small (but seemingly large) glimpse into our week.

Early mornings...

Love the surfing, must try one day...

Ava handed me a sand toy in the shape of a turtle that she wanted to make. I told her I'd make her a real turtle. I never new I could do this!

She also wanted to ride him! How could I say no!

Ava in our lovely little kitchen. It was adorable, clean, and new. I definitely liked this home.

The only toy I brought. One small box of Hello Kitty Lego. They played with it everyday. Don't over pack! We brought so little and missed nothing.  Ipods are the other toy of choice;)

But really, this is all what it's always been about. Hanging at the beach.

Boogie boarding is a favourite sport at the beach, and body surfing. We all partake in this activity (well 99% of us).  The first week the water was bone-hurting. It's a numbing pain that does not go away. But by week 2 it was really warm (like 10 degrees warmer).

Backwards seahorse meets a-symmetrical starfish.

Kite flying on a warm windy day. First time.  The girls were so enthralled.  

Driving along the 1A, gorgeous waterfront homes.  It is such a scenic drive from Hampton to Rye.  The ocean is facing these multi-million dollar homes.

The Carriage House is a delicious casual fine dining restaurant that will not disappoint.  Located on the 1A in Rye (across from Jenness Beach) it has everything you'd want for a New England menu. We had the New England chowder and it was delicious.  The view from the second floor is the ocean. My favourite restaurant here.

I was also happily surprised when I visited the women's bathroom! 

Thursday evening. The girls suggested going to the beach after dinner. And, it being our last couple nights, how could we refuse? It was a beautiful night and the ocean was astoundingly warm (65 degrees). The Atlantic here is always cold and anything over 60 feels nice and refreshing. Seriously, ask any New Englander- that's warm.

 The girls would not pose seriously for me, ever.  But it was quite funny.

 Two weeks have passed so quickly, I could spend all summer here. Maybe, one day.



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