Affordable Etsy Art

Art has never been so affordable thanks to amazing talents on Etsy. It's so nice to have so much choice, it is so simple to look like you bought something custom (or expensive) and not an Ikea print (that thousands of people already have).

A roundup of some absolute favourites...

These top 3 photos are by Urban Dream Photos, starting at 22$.  Where do I begin? Clearly you know by now beach + travel scenes are a favourite of mine and I never tire of seeing them; which is important when you are investing time and money into art.

Soft flowery images would suit a darling nursery, or young girl's room. Via Kim Fear Heiley

I love how these photos actually look like paintings. Very nice effect.  Via Scarlett Ella

Etsy is on a road trip and will be in Montreal August 1-2. They have a french! Montreal facebook page! For more details check it out.

And, of course, you can always enlarge your own photos (via moi) and use that as art too ;)



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