A few captured moments- DSLR Camera Tips

I am determined this year to capture some great vacation shots. It's not only about capturing a memory, or a beautiful photo it's a bonus to my business. I need to print great photos so I need great photos to print! My dad (Carlos Davila Photography) gave me a few pointers for using my Canon DSLR in manuel mode. And, of course, it's all about the after editing.

Keep your IS0 on low (100-200) to let in as much light as possible. This slows the shutter speed allowing more light to enter.

The result is stunningly bright photos. In PicMonkey I add highlights, sharpen photos and add filters (much like Instagram). 

Take as many photos as possible! The more shots you take (candid ones like these) the more chance you have of capturing a real moment.

Early morning photography is a favourite of mine. These were taken at 7:30 this morning.

Play with different filters to capture the essence of the photo (or create a new essence).

Oh my God, I love this shot. I can see this as a 3'X5' mounted on my wall in a white box frame.

The vacation so far is amazing. New Hampshire is stunning; I love it here. It's been 5 years we've been vacationing here now so it's very familiar and homey.  I know how to navigate myself around the area quite well and you've got to love a place where there is no sales tax (live free or die).  I'll be antiquing sometime this week, I'm very excited ;) hopefully I can bring a little New England home!



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