New products I'm working on for The Wall Shop

So the art prints haven't taken off as I hoped they would. I'm not giving up on them entirely, just placing them on hold for now- some minor complications with framing.   As you saw from my previous post I made some for you to print for free (view here)!
I'm turning my focus to the decals aspect of my business. Well, the decals and photo decals. Here is the latest. They look beautiful!

The clouds are 6" wide and will probably have 30 in a package. Perfect to decorate a complete wall! This would look amazing in a nursery or little boys room!  They are adhesive and re-positionable.  I'm now working on the product package details......scary, but fun.  I will sell them through my website and hopefully a few stores as well. Profit margin is never as good in stores but at least I could some exposure. 

Let me know what you think! Are there any decals you wish you've seen?



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