Friday Eye Candy + My settee Before!

Happy Friday! It's kind of like a long weekend and I'm excited! I think it's because school for the girls will be out on Monday, it's been beautiful and sunny here and my house is clean! I'm also going to be picking up a fabulous looking settee that I can't wait to upholster! It looks amazing (see pic below).

Frozen watermelon pops! Healthy and refreshing! These look awesome!

Amazingly beautiful bathroom by David Netto Interior Design. I've always wanted a sink like this. Kohler also makes a beautiful one.

I'm in love with the mirror! The shape and how it contrasts with the cool tone marble is superb! The sconces compliment the mirror as well.

I lucked out and got to this love seat before anyone else did on Varage Sale.  The plan is to paint + upholster it with some kind of velvet fabric. Soooooo many choices. Oh ya, and then sell it. Will I be able to part with this amazing find? My husband will kill me if I keep it. 25$ well spent!

Have an awesome long weekend!



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