Designing a garden- Bree's backyard

This weekend was super busy but I can always make time to garden with a friend! Gardening is a mix of relaxation + designing (for me)! Well, maybe not the trying to dig a hole but there's some crazy roots, no a rock, oh God I might be here a while...

Bree & Mark (mine and Greg's friends) just bought a lovely home in Pincourt on the same street my Dad lives on. She wanted my advice on picking just the right plants & flowers to frame the cabane by her pool.  It's not a huge space so this was easy for me ;) and soooo much fun. And every designer loves to her the words "carte-blanche".


Before there was a climbing rose bush with nothing to climb and some ferns.  We kept the ferns because they were beautiful and not over-powering. They also do a decent job covering the pool heater.


We also kept a hosta and salvaged the rose bush. We relocated it closer to the cabane so it could eventually climb up.

Gorgeous white dahlias with yellow tips and a lilac centre.

The girls also got to swim while we gardened which was nice!  I jumped in too once I was done. It was so hot out!

We made little planters from the beautiful pots the grasses came in.

 We created symmetry by planting the grasses on either side of the french doors. They will grow up to 2 metres which will look stunning in a couple weeks. They are also perennials so they'll come back every year.

The trick is to mix perennials and annuals so you always have something blooming.  Creating symmetry and using different types of flowers (and leaves) also creates interest. If it's all the same, or all the same colour it can look a little boring, or messy.

This weekend was a great planting weekend because all the big stores had huge savings on their plants and flowers!
Thank you Bree for asking for my help and allowing me to post your beautiful backyard!



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