Brooklyn's Birthday + Inexpensive Cake Idea

Happy 7th Birthday Brooklyn!

Image Via Brooklyn's Aunt Natasha

Brooklyn turns 7 today. 7 sounds so much older than 6. Wow. Brooklyn is fearless, driven, confident and out-going. She also says things that would make you laugh or say "that was inappropriate". When she's around there is never a dull (or quiet) moment.  She loves hard and hates hard. She is passionate and can be so very gentle and loving.
Last week I walked in on her painting her little sister's face. With nail polish. I was not mad. Not one teeny tiny bit. How could I be mad watching her so gently painting a flower while Ava patiently allowed her to. I love girls. But thank God it had not dried yet and I was able to wipe it off with a baby wipe.
I love you Brooklyn! Even though you wear me down do not change! Your personality is unique!

I had fun of course decorating a little for her party. I do not want to take these ribbons off the chandelier.  Looks so much better ;) The hanging pendant is from Target "Oh Joy's" collection. 3$

And finally an easy DIY cake that cost me $3 to make.

How could I resist box cake and icing for 97 cents each at Maxi??? Baked in round moulds of various sizes (they have great cheap silicone ones at Ikea) iced in between, flowers from garden and sprinkled with icing sugar. Voila!  I used 2 cake boxes and 1 can icing. This seems to be a wedding cake trend that I don't believe will soon go away. And why would it? It's beautiful, simple and organic in design. Suitable for many occasions.  

Yeh! Have an awesome day!



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