Modern Embroidery. Choose 1 piece for your Home!

Good Morning! Or afternoon! I'm a comfort type of creature and though I'm thoroughly into modern + minimalism everybody can throw in some warmth and personality through an embroidery piece. It can be art, it can be a couple pillows or even a fabulous quilt. These are some beautiful examples and places you can purchase them.

Via Freshly

This blanket is definitely freshly pieced. Loving the wood grained looking fabric, so modern and fun.
Purchase at Freshly Pieced.  Lee the creator behind these beautiful pieces also gives great free tutorials! I'm am 100% going to give one a shot.

Via Etsy
A range of beautiful handmade pillows at Auburn Design Studio, for purchase via Etsy.

How beautiful and chic for an intimate wedding. At Embroidery by Linda.

Suzani embroidered pillow from Pier 1.  I love this store for it's global finds including gorgeous pillows made in India.

Via Jose Romussi

These awesome embroidered photographs can be a great DIY idea! Not hard at all....or purchase through

Via Jose Romussi

Seeing embroidery in a new way now? How modern and fun do you think it looks? Would you incorporate a piece in your home?

Happy Monday!


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