Florida (a few pics from our trip) Donald Trump Palace

I have to start my post on a good note.  I will not think about the shitty game that happened last night. Dang it. I miss this place. We had such an amazing time in Florida a couple weeks back. The weather was perfect, everything was amazing really...

Views from our bedroom at the Donald Trump Palace.

The guest bedroom. Does it get any better?

I spent most of my vacation here at the pool.  It was pretty quiet during the week.

Awesomely huge sky scrapping hotels!

Lounging on these sofas by the ocean was relaxing...

There's Greg!

Oh, I wish I could be here for one more day! Sunny Isles Florida is a beautiful place with amazing shops and yummy restaurants.  The ocean was so warm and the pool even warmer.

I really enjoyed siting by the pool. It kind of made me miss my old pool...here are a few that give you that away from home feel...

 I love this last one! So private looking. Easily replicable with a cheap above ground pool with an amazing wrap around deck and lots of plants!



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