5 different shelf Ideas

Shelving is a super popular way of adding much needed storage and creating a beautiful focal point in a room.  It doesn't need to be extravagant or expensive, just well located (on the wall) and nicely styled.

Here are 5 beautiful inspirations...

You can pick up similar shelving (Hemnes & Ekby Stilig) at Ikea for 32$ for a 47"X11" with brackets!

Or similarly these floating ones...This is what I want in my kitchen!

Via The Design Files
 The floating shelves and floating unit below keep everything feeling light even though there is a lot on those shelves!

Create height with shelving that goes to the ceiling!

Via Style at Home

Stacking painted boxes, either DIY in pine from your local hardware store or using wine crates.  Stack them how you like!

See these also these DIY ideas from a previous post here!



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