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An easy enough DIY
I came across this picture and thought how simple and minimalist it looked above this crib. It wouldn't take that long to make either.  
Materials needed:
Ikea frame
Ikea paper on a roll (if making a large frame)
-or- Stock card paper (for and 8X10)
paint, black cut out letters, even pastels (in whichever colour). Done! Use your imagination! I think I'm going to make one for Brooklyn since the letters Bb will have a nice effect. Charlize's first letter of her name, unfortunately Cc not as cool!

What a statement piece in this amazing condo by Carlos Cesar Ferreira Architects in Brazil.

And this is how to make Ikea look amazing. I'm in love with this colourful modern fun attic!

I've been in love with this ceiling fixture since it's come out!

All images via onekindesign.com

I'm continuously trying harder to get closer to my dream of creating an empire. (:0) It's there in my mind, I need to get it on paper and start working HARDER on getting there. I'm taking my time, trying to live in the moment with my family (and not loose my mind in the process).  Whenever I make a mistake I actually kind of enjoy it because I get to cross something off the list which helps me to focus on something else that might work. When I came across this print via Fashion Sixth I had to share, because we need to be reminded sometimes, in all aspects of life!

Have a great weekend and soak up some of that warm April sun!



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