My favourite Easter egg decorating ideas

I love easter. Maybe it's all the chocolate, or the fact that it means spring is in full mode or maybe it's the family gatherings and delicious food. Whatever it is, I always loved decorating eggs, and still do. Lucky for my girls.  Or should I say lucky me that I have kids to do this with.  I've rounded up a few of the best ideas I have come across, though I am sure there are hundreds more out there.

Idea #1 (The easiest)

Food colouring, (half dip the eggs for a beautiful two toned egg). Decorate with glittery stickers, cut up washi tape, glued twine, string, colour with colourful Sharpie markers. Easy + fun. I did this with the kids this weekend and we will do it again next weekend. It keeps them busy and creative.

Buy the peewee eggs. They're adorable, smooth and inexpensive. Hard boil them so the kids don't crush them and it'll boil away those lovely date stamps that the companies must put on every egg. Unless you open all the cartons and switch them around for 10 minutes to find those unmarked eggs, like I did.

Idea # 2 Via Martha Stewart. Love this. Better for older kids. Buy some gorgeous napkins, cut them out and glue them on! Simple + gorgeous!

Idea # 3 Make the cutest little bunnies + men. No instructions needed. Need I say more?

Idea # 4 And I am super excited about trying this one out! Marbleized eggs using nail polish and water! I may do it alone though. Nail polish sounds smelly + messy to me! Via Camilla Styles.  

Idea # 5 Buy some fun tattoos! So much better than seeing them on your kids! Via BHG!

You certainly don't need kids to have fun doing this. We love eating them later too! How cool will the kids feel when they bring these to school for lunch? The eggs last at room temperature for about 2 weeks so don't be scared to make 3 dozen :)

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