My Dad's Bath & the Girls

I'm helping my parents renovate their not so glam, purply pink, 90's bathroom.  I'm very excited to help them create a functional modern bathroom that they definitely deserve!  These are the before photos.

Needless to say, it's a gut job. The only element that is staying is the tub and possibly the mirror.  Those tiles are sooooo pink and bathroom feels soooo blue. Storage is lacking and the shower fits nobody. The plan is to remove the small wall that juts out between the shower and the bath which will allow the custom made shower to feel larger.  I went shopping with my stepmom last weekend and these are a few elements we came up with...

Head-over-heels for the tile choices. The photo below is the floor and around the tub option. It's really pretty and has a travertine feel to it.  Choices 1,2,3,5 are storage options. They'll keep everything neat and tidy;).  #6 is gray subway tile (4"X15.25") that will envelope the shower and 8" above and around the tub (so on the wall).  Two thin bands will of the long mosaic tile will go around the three walls of the shower.  The rest will be the subway tile.  The small dark gray tiles will be the shower floor and shower  built in cubby.  I have to convince my dad though that it's okay to install small tile for the shower floor, as long as it's properly done and sealed! It's very commonly done. Not too sure for the vanity choice yet, we still have to discuss. Custom is an option and it's not much more expensive than buying from a big box store, we will see...

I will keep you up to date with the progress...on another note, it's easter!!!!

We made bunny ears for bunny ear school day!

Is it only 8 degrees today and Brooklyn's in her t-shirt.....ummm......yup.

Getting them to cooperate in unison for the camera takes a few seconds.

There we go...

Have a Happy Easter Everyone!



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