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Sometimes it takes a lifetime to take that perfect shot. I have gone on a number of vacations and snapped away hundreds of photos with my Canon Rebel, which I have a love hate relationship with. Sometimes the shots come out beautiful and sometimes my iphone does a better job.  Maybe it's not the tools, maybe it's the conditions, the settings, the subject, maybe it's me and the creativity behind it.  

I'm hoping with my next week away in Florida I get explore this and get some perfect shots of the beach, my husband and maybe myself. 

Here are a few things that I've been in love with this week....

Via Lauren Conrad
Love this shot.  It could be anybody, but not me!

Via krystal-schlegel
Great leg selfie! Again, not me sadly my legs are only 36" short and not that slim....

A great quote and a great shot.

Via Lonny Mag
Black outlines make for such a dramatic impact. I may paint my french doors in black....it'll disguise the grimy (but sweet) little fingers that touch it a hundred times a day.

Via Apartment Therapy
 Pink is my favourite colour, so I love this pale pink on the wall. I think it would look amazingly romantic in my bedroom. I bet you Greg would love it too.

Soft pale pink curtains, very feminine and elegant.

This bedroom looks heavenly, really. That bed looks soft as a cloud.  I'm hoping to catch up on my zzz's this week and maybe a blog post or two;)

Have an amazing week,



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