Functional + Stylish Storage options

Baskets, bins, containers, pots, boxes, whatever you want to call them they are necessary in the kitchen, in the playroom, in the bedroom, everywhere! I have yet to sell or donate any because that's how much I really need (and love) them. Here are some stylish & economical choices.

1>> Love this one, I have it and store my wood logs in it. It is super sturdy but it was designed to house a large plant. Hmmmmm....Ikea, Potatis, 30$

2>> Looks really similar to one bought for me by my good friend from TJ Maxx but this one is from Target, Threshold, 20$

3>> Loving this steel (yes child friendly) bin from The Land Of Nod, Wired World 30$ (on special!)

4>> These galvanized steel bins make cleaning products look chic and might make you want to clean! Crate & Barrel 28$ each.

5>> Lovely small storage find on Etsy via "acraftyhen".  25.50$

6>> Natural rattan is so in right now (as always) by Ikea, Riffla, 8.99$

7>> These colourful beauties! Other colours and sizes available too! Ikea, Hojdane 11.99$ each.

These are good investments and keep clutter off of the floor.

Here's an awesome idea for #7 storage bins (which I will be purchasing next Ikea shopping trip).
Buy one for each of your children (different colour) and at the end of each day have them walk around the house and pick up everything that belongs to them (like those socks that came off after school, or shedded clothing, or blankets, you get it) and have them bring it up with them to their rooms! This saves you (and me) from having to do this monotonous chore night after night after night...

Anything you do with storage bins that you couldn't do without now? I'd love to know!



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