3 tips to being your own interior designer, in the Bedroom

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when designing a room. Should you replace certain furniture? Start from scratch if budget allows?  There are a number of things you can do.

Start with a plan.

1. What stays, what goes...
Obviously it is easier to design from scratch where you aren't tied to a certain element in the room. So if this kind of design interests you then sell what you have in the room. All of it. Don't feel guilty, it's just one room! Selling on sites like Varage Sale and Kijiji will keep more money in your pocket as people are willing to spend a little more here than your average garage sale.

2. Prioritize
Where do you want to splurge. On the mattress? Sheets?  Art? A new built-in incorporating a fireplace? Start with the most expensive or biggest impact item and work from there.

3. Keep it simple
A bedroom is a place of refuge, it should be calm and inviting. Have it feel like a cocoon you never want to leave. A bed, 2 night stands, a simple long dresser, one piece of great art, a cosy rug, and an armchair is all you need. Accessorize with a small vase with flowers, a couple personal photos and a few books.

Via Copy Cat Chic

Keep it layered, neutral and add one favourite colour.  Move your furniture around until it feels right. A plan on paper won't give you the same feeling- this is your bedroom so experiment and have fun ;)



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