Wall Murals that I can print of places you want to be

I happened upon these amazing wall murals (aka wall wraps) done by Pixersixe and was blown away. I'm telling you, if you want to make a bold, beautiful statement in a room, this is a great way. What's so great about investing in a beautiful wall is that it takes a ho hum room to brilliant with hardly any effort.

This custom wallpaper can be created by (Greg + I) using our large format Roland printer and at 6$ a square foot it's kind of worth it ;)

Since receiving a treadmill from my grandmother I have wanted to transform my craft room (since I do this in my dining room) into an exercise room complete with beach scene. I'm so glad I came across these amazing designs because it confirmed what I kind of already knew. Now it is a matter of picking the perfect scene, either from a stock photo site for a few dollars, or a photo that I have taken from my travels.

Why not dine by the beach? It's amazing how relaxed you would feel. For those who do not meditate (or travel often) this is a good way to transport your mind to a relaxing place.

I love how white the room is. It allows the mural to stand out. It works.

I absolutely love this! How adorable for a toddler or teens room! The bed on the floor is super chic + fun for young kids. Especially for those of you who let their kids jump on the bed (like I do!)

Tropical scenes like palm trees look best in a yesteryear photo filter, like this picture above.

I'd love this in a basement or an attic room! Maybe even the cinema room-if I had one!  The possibilities are endless! What do you think? Are you loving it too?

If you'd like a quote all I need is the size of the wall to wrap. That's it!!!!!

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