Our transformed staircase- Painting Risers

I didn't have this planned, or at least I didn't think it was going to happen this weekend but I'm so happy it's done. We've completed our stairs! It took Greg all day Sunday, to sand, prime and paint our risers white.

It's not difficult, it's just time consuming and back pain, but I gave Greg a nice massage:)


And After...

So fresh & so clean.....They look like they are floating now whereas before the seemed so heavy and dark. Plus I hated seeing the grain of wood on the risers. You can still see the grain but it's much more subtle.

let's do a retake.....Before

And After!

If you want to do this project for yourself it doesn't take a lot of materials.

  • Painter's tape (large & medium sized)
  • Sander (black & decker mouse 30$)
  • A good primer 
  • A good paint brush (and a mini roller and mini roller tray)
  • Semi-Gloss paint in your choice of colour (Benjamin Moore decorator's white)
  • A full day to just get it over with!

      Greg had bought me the black & decker sanding mouse for mother's day last year and it works great for all types of sanding projects.  It makes the sanding go a lot quicker too. Then he had to tape. Tape on top and on the bottom of each riser (so on the stair and under each stair nose) to protect the stair.  The walls and the side of the stair (where it meets the wall) had to be taped as well. So, it was a lot of taping. Once it was sanded he wiped it down clean and primed 1 coat. He then painted 2 coats of the decorator's white.

Greg had painted the posts and newels and stained the rail last year.  This was the completing element.  I was thinking of adding a runner, but I like this clean simple look.....do you like runners? Do you like it better just like this? I'd love to hear...



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