Organize + De-Clutter your bedroom with Help!

Hi Everyone! Spring is around the corner (can you feel it?) Okay, so it is still freezing out there, but the sun feels warmer and the sky seems happier. It does, doesn't it?

I do not know what has been happening to me lately (maybe cabin fever) but I am in organization mode. I've been cleaning, de-cluttering, donating, and selling my things. And it's been easy. It's really freeing and I think detaching yourself from the situation helps. So does some guidance. Below is a downloadable freebie for you today :)

Click, print, and follow. It's to the point and no long rules to follow. Simply ask the question and write the number of items you are freeing yourself from in the white circle! Simple and it's like having a friend next to you helping!

This is for the bedroom, so start there if you haven't begun your spring cleaning. I will be adding one downloadable file for every room in the house in the next weeks, so don't forget to check back, and please, let me know if it has helped :) If you do each one, you will have a cleaner more organized home by the time March ends! Do it!



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