G D'aoust et Co, Home decor store in St-Annes

I've been to this store located on Lakeshore in St-Anne-de-Bellevue before, but I've never seen this recently renovated third floor (not stroller friendly). They had a lot of great furniture, accessories, carpets + pillows. I saw some great armchairs that made me say "it's only $149?" Out loud.

I fell in love with these glass pendant lights.

They had many well priced nautical theme items.  The sailboats are gorgeous.  If I had a boy...

It's 4000 square feet of home decor. I walked around the store twice not to miss anything.

This would be a nice piece of furniture in a front entrance.  Install a mirror above a small white shelf (as a catch-all) and a few hooks below and you've got yourself a very functional, modern + pretty "mudroom".  I really wanted to buy this.

Hope you are enjoying your week, especially if you're at home with the kids for spring break. Sorry for the quick post, clearly, I have the kids here with me:)

Do pop into this store, it's 3 levels and could be an interesting place to bring the kids.



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