Basic Easy Pillow with Zipper + my brutal honesty.

Hello everyone! My absence for the past week has been due to too much mental thinking. I apologize, sometimes I get seriously anyway, I'd like to blog about things I feel you can learn from, as I. I am always learning, and usually sucking (really, I'm not being modest). I will NOT show you how my zipper on this pillow isn't perfect. But you know what, who cares? It works, and God dang it, I made it. I mostly enjoy teaching my girls that they are capable of doing whatever it is they want and that not everything has to come from the store. Except the fabric maybe. Fabulous design, isn't it? Ikea. Yes. I almost bought 20 metres to make curtains.  But I opted for simple pillow covers. And simple these are! Really!

Basic Easy Pillow with Zipper

Note* My zipper was passing the edges of my fabric. Oh well, I just cut the end off until I had 2 " left on either side of the fabric when centred on my fabric. You just need to sew the end part so when you open the zipper it has somewhere to stop! Pretty simple. Otherwise, just by a small zipper (about 10 or 12" depending on the size of your pillow. Pillow is 16 X16? By a zipper that's 12" Long!

Once your zipper is firmly and securely in place, sewn on both sides you may then proceed to folding your pillow cover in half and sewing all around. Make sure *again* that your zipper is open so you can turn it right side out!

Loving this fabric! It would be super chic in a kid's bedroom too! If you need some sewing tips, please visit my Pinterest profile for some awesome sewing advice! Very easy first sewing project. I know you'd like to try it. Do it when your hubby is busy watching the hockey game. It's perfect timing;)

Don't want to use a zipper? This pillow is just as easy!

Have a great Monday!



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