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Aenaon Villas in Mykonos, Greece

Snowstorm yeah! Do you see yourself lounging on one of those chairs? Because I certainly do.  I'm really trying to enjoy this winter, solely by cross-country skiing in my backyard literally (we back onto Skiers de L'ile ski trails) but that's the end of it.  This winter began well before my birthday (December 9th) and the snow has been here ever since, making for what seems like a never ending winter. A winter of grey skies and very cold temperatures. I'm exuberantly jealous for those of you flying south ever so shortly.  I'm in need of some hot sun and white sandy beaches. I love Pinterest tough. Thank you Pinterest for those beautiful sunny places that seem out of reach at the moment, whilst I work ever so hard...

A few links for your weekend

1>> These amazing Ikea hack frames.  Ikea, only better....via Poppytalk

2>> Have you heard? Barbie will be gracing the cover wrap of the 50th Anniversary edition for Sports Illustrated. Sickened much?  Like those gorgeous model's bodies aren't attainable enough.

3>> Another gorgeous way to use Washi tape (or any nice looking tape really). DIY fake mouldings!

4>> And, if you haven't there's still time to print out my cute frames! I'm actually leaving them up in the girls' rooms because it tells them I love them, all the time!

Have a great weekend!



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