Tile applications like you've never seen them

Thinking beyond bland tile applications has been a huge trend this year. Canadian House & Home Magazine forecasted intricate patterns to be applied in bathrooms and kitchens alike. Amazing. Here are a few I've been admiring through my own research (hmmm via Pinterest).

Who would think to apply tiles to risers? Well it's very common in the Mediterranean and I think it's a great way to make your staircase a show stopper. 
Just be careful, the wrong choice can have the complete opposite effect.  I read in a magazine once (H&H, or Style at Home) a woman photocopying her tile then taping them to where she wanted them to see the effect! Try before you buy. Brilliant! 

Via Brian Gluckstein
Brian Gluckstein's tumblr blog is packed with inspiring pictures like these. Love seeing the design side of NYC.

Via Madeamano

This tile work is simple, elegant + modern to boot! The kids would love this bath. It's like a mini pool in your bathroom.

Via Madeamano
These lava rock tiles can also be purchased from Made Amano. They look amazing laid out in a herringbone pattern.

Via ModernDeclaration

I know tiles are a big commitment so why not play with pattern and create something special. There are tile specialists that can always help you in that department, you need only ask.

Via Brandon Barre Photography

This honeycombed shape pattern is so modern yet feels timeless.

Oh and these floors via Elle Decor. Stunning. Where would you be willing to experiment with a different tile application? I think I'd be confident anywhere but the kitchen.



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