Some updates...

I love seeing progression and change in everything. The first photo is how my front living room looks now. I had to bring my other couch downstairs before Claudia (our kitten) destroyed it. The big couch shows absolutely no pull marks whatsoever, it is the most family friendly couch on this earth. Plus it's been really nice having it all together in 1 space as 1 piece. It's huge.

Looking at the second picture, I thought for a moment it was Ava standing there. But it's my little Brooklyn and Ava is in the swing (the 1 of 2 times she sat in it!) Comparing the 2 photos you wouldn't even think it's the same room. I thought I liked the top one (which is still missing artwork and new pillow covers) but I'm drawn to the original (below).  Maybe it's also the fact that I have the 2 cutest little munchkins in the corner reminding me how much I miss having a baby:)
Now I need to get on that artwork.... stay tuned.



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