Live in COLOUR + a new PRINT +Ava

Don't get me wrong. I love flipping through magazines (or online) and seeing serene pages of living spaces decorated in soothing whites, rich creams and bold greys.  However, any time I see a photo of a room with pops of colour I am in love. I can see myself relaxing there and having fun with the kids there too. And, I'm uber jealous. Can I live on the edge too? It's just decorating people, let's not take it soooooo seriously!

Happy dance........I am in love with this print I designed. I think it's my favourite so far. And I will take part credit. I was truly inspired by my love for The Novogratz. Bob + Courtney (parents to 7) are amazing designers. I was inspired by the carpet they designed for CB2 years ago.

The font I chose has clean lines and is modern (actually it's called Deco). It works well here. I'm font obsessed.

I wanted to keep it simple but make a bold statement above my neutral couch & walls.  I think it pops nicely!  This print will be available for purchase shortly!

Remember this chair? Rescued from big garbage day. You can use everyday items to introduce colour as well. Like Ava's darling little sweater.  

And speaking of Ava...It looks like kitty torture but I assure you she's purring.

And herein lies the mistake, of the innocent face snuggle by Ava, exposing her vulnerable cuteness to Claudia's sharp teeth. Had there been a photo #5, and really why wasn't there one, I don't know,oh ya, I dropped the phone, it would have shown Ava laughing. Because it's all fun and games until someone looses an eye. Okay, I'm being a little dramatic here.

Have an AMAZING weekend, and spring break :)



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