Kitchens that blend in-A forward thinking kitchen design lesson

I love when a kitchen blends seamlessly with it's surroundings.
Most of us spend like 75% of our waking hours in this spot, it should be the nicest room in our house, wouldn't you agree? Maybe the first floor should be all kitchen...or should it be all living. As in a room that doubles as a "living kitchen". Let me elaborate.

In this kitchen for instance, the carpet, dining table and chairs don't scream kitchen. The white cabinets seamlessly blend into the floor and walls creating superb flow.

For a more beachy or relaxed vibe this kitchen above, featured in Home Beautiful Magazine is simple but almost has a "library" quality to it. It also doesn't scream kitchen but whispers see where I'm going with this?

I like thinking of cabinets as furniture. If you think of it that way would your kitchen still look the same? Or perhaps would you think outside the box, so to speak.  I guess storage maximization has got us stacked with cupboards. As in more = better. How about we organize and clean up our sh*t and maybe we won't need all those cupboards :)

I've been drawn to kitchens that are minimal in design with no upper cabinetry. Not sure what the rest of this kitchen looks like but I can imagine a few floating shelves that house all the plates, bowls, and glasses. Against the black wall, it would look gorgeous.

If you have the space, a walk in pantry would be key for this kind of design. Then you'd have a place to organize your food + other non-essential items that you use time to time. Like that waffle maker.

What do y'all think?
Am I nuts in loving this idea ;)



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