Free Valentine's Day Prints!

Hello! I'm super excited today to offer you 3 adorable downloadable and printable Valentine's day prints that I made, for free! Just click the link, save and print! Yeah!  They are 8 X 10 so you can print using regular paper (and cut it after print) or buy some card stock paper at Walmart for 5$ (should be a staple in your home!) for a more professional look! I used watercolour paper (Michael's) because it's super thick.  You could adjust your printer settings by choosing a smaller size (5X7) if you wish;) They certainly can be printed on half a page and then folded to make a card as well!

This first print is my favourite! I printed one each for the girls! Do click on the title (not the pic) for download.

I printed these to fit the size of the paper 8 1/2" X 11".  You could cut around to fit an 8X10 frame. These were mounted into Ikea Frames, which are for 8 1/2 " X 11" for $2.50 each.

Not sure why the image above is grey but as you can see in the picture above this print has a white background!

I really hope you print one or all three of them out. I promise they look amazing :)



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