Fabric bought to make Ava's headboard

There are so many great and easy tutorials out there on how to make an upholstered headboard that I'm not sure I'm going to get into the nitty gritty details of it, but I will say I'm going to make it as simple and easy and cheap as possible.  Starting with the fabric.

There are some great shops around downtown and NDG but I didn't feel like driving there. I could order the material from great online stores like Fabric Worm or Designer Fabrics, but there's somethings that just need to be seen and touched in person. So I held my breathe as I perused Fabricville. We Canadians need another source. You listening Joann Fabrics?

Anyway.....after looking for a good 45 minutes (I had time to kill before an appointment anyway) I came across this fabric. It's a cotton blend and super soft and thick. I wanted something creamy white but not boring. This pressed in pattern is anything but. LOVING IT! The best part? It came in double width so I only had to buy one metre! And with my club discount I paid $18. Woohoo:)

The trouble with not bringing at least a picture of the room your designing is choosing blindly.....

but this choice seemed easy...now all I have to do is buy a piece of MDF the length of the bed and I'm going to make it about 30 inches in height. Add some batting around the MDF and staple in place. That's it.

I hope to have some time tomorrow and then maybe I'll do a short video or step-by-step, in case you're interested;)

Stay tuned....



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