Ava's Birthday weekend + DIY kid's photo booth

This weekend we celebrated Ava's 3rd birthday. We spoke about her birthday for weeks and she was very excited to have a "princess party". I didn't go all themed out, but we did have princess candles on her cake and I made her a princess station for her and her friends to get dressed up in. 

I couldn't wait to have her party, though I could wait for her to turn 3.  With every year, it feels that much older.

I love this perfect princess pose. She was so happy to put on her dress.

And she absolutely loves Cinderella so she had to wear the crown.

The birthday banner looked really nice above the table. It was easy to do too and a nice little tribute to Ava.

DIY photo booth

I wanted to do something different and memorable.  I love taking pictures so I thought why not have a little photo booth setup? Best to stage it somewhere near a window with lots of natural light. I used these streamers as the backdrop. I made them a couple of years ago for one of the kid's birthdays. They are regular streamers sewn together.  You could hang just regular streamers in a variety of colours for a similar effect.

Avangeline with her friend Amelia. They were too cute together. The conversation between toddlers is so entertaining. I could have watched them all day.

My children get a good dose of their calcium from smoothies. I made these for the party using Dixie cups and hard cardboard straws. My girls polished the rest of these off yesterday morning.

It's just OJ, bananas, ice-cream, frozen fruit (mangoes) and plain yogurt.

Super yummy + fun for the kids.

I love how Charlize was helping with the candle blowing instruction...such a big sis.

I can't believe she's 3 now. She's such a little munchkin to me still.  I actually cried yesterday. They grow up so fast and I just need them to stop, just for a while longer...



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